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Climb the Rockies
7 nights for as low as $99/mo with Paays
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Escape Winter
7 nights for as low as $109/mo with Paays

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What is Paays?


Paays was founded in January, 2018 and is a new financial technology (FinTech) company, focused on delivering affordability to travel consumers by providing monthly payment options for travel purchases.


Where is Paays based and where does Paays operate?


Paays is a Canadian company, with headquarters in downtown Toronto. We currently operate in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario and plan to be live across Canada in early 2019.


Is Paays a lender or bank?


Paays is not a lender or a bank. Paays acts as a loan broker, connecting consumers to Partner Lenders with monthly payment options for travel purchases. All documentation conforms to Consumer Protection Act requirements in the applicable province.


Who are Paays Partner Lenders?


Our current Partner Lender is Progressa and we will be adding additional lenders in early 2019.

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