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$137 / month

1 movie ticket

Who is the smarter traveler?

Jennifer and Joe make the same $1,500 travel purchase

Jennifer pays with Paays Monthly Payments

Jennifer's monthly payment is $139

Jennifer pays
off her purchase
in 12 months

Jennifer pays only $167 in interest.

Joe pays with
a credit card

Joe pays the min. monthly
payment, starting at $45

Joe pays
off his purchase
in 11 years

Joe pays almost
$1500 in interest!

Jennifer books
another holiday

Joe's travelling
days are over

Paays – the smarter way to pay for travel #itpaaystobesmart

* Both examples are based on a 19.99% APR.  If approved, your rate may be lower or higher than this.


  • Bruno R.

    I definitely can say that using Paays was one of the BEST decisions that I ever made. First of all the application was easy, the process was fast/on time, the rates are great and even though I did have issues with one of their partners (no issues with PAAYES), David helped me in a way that he brought back to me the belief that still exist good companies and good people that cares about us and our dreams.

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